The Presentation

Like ‘Rock,’ Coach For A Nation Travels the United States

Few people in his era logged the railroad miles that Coach Knute Rockne did.

Rock, it seemed, was always on the go. There were the travels with his team, of course, earning the team the nickname “Rockne’s Ramblers” because of their penchant for playing anyone, anywhere, anytime. In 1924, for example, Notre Dame became the first football team to play games in New York City, Chicago, and southern California in the same season.

Author Jim Lefebvre speaking to the Notre Dame Recognition Societies 'Chalk Talk' before a ND home game.

Author Jim Lefebvre speaking to the Notre Dame Recognition Societies ‘Chalk Talk’ before a ND home game.

But more than that, Rockne traveled the nation instructing young coaches on how to operate a successful athletic program. His coaching clinics–held at such far-flung locales as the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia; Superior State Teachers College in northern Wisconsin; and Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis–were legendary gatherings in which the famous coach shared his knowledge and methods.

As a tribute to the travels of Rock, Coach For A Nation will also be making a coast-to-coast tour in 2013-14.

A multimedia presentation featuring hundreds of images as well as Rockne’s inspiring words will help tell the story of this remarkable American’s life. In addition, award-winning author Jim Lefebvre will talk about Rock’s life, customizing his remarks to the particular audience and location.

The presentation, branded as “What Rock Teaches Us Today” can be presented to:

  • Alumni groups
  • Football foundations and awards groups
  • Historical societies (featuring the local tie-in to the story)
  • Coaches conventions and clinics
  • Colleges (sports media and sports history classes and symposia)
  • High Schools (assemblies and in-class workshops for history & journalism)
  • Corporate meetings (Rockne’s sales promotion presentations were huge!)

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