The Crowning Glory: Notre Dame-Stanford 1925 Rose Bowl

1925 Rose Bowl
Notre Dame 27, Stanford 10

The trip made by the Irish to and from their first bowl appearance was unlike anything ever seen in college football….before or since.  The nation was eager to see Knute Rockne’s “Wonder Team” and its amazing backfield, The Four Horsemen.  So the Irish went on a three-week round-trip odyssey, stopping for numerous banquets, events and special masses, for local groups of ND alumni, Catholic “subway alums” and the general public.

GATH 05/55:  Football Game Scene - ND  vs. Stanford Rose Bowl, 1925.

Notre Dame’s win over Stanford in the 1925 Rose Bowl featured the legendary Four Horsemen and Knute Rockne vs. Stanford coaching legend Pop Warner and star back Ernie Nevers.

In the Rose Bowl, they went up against coaching legend Pop Warner and star back Ernie Nevers. Stanford and Nevers gained plenty of yardage, but ND returned three key turnovers – a fumble, and two interceptions by Elmer Layden – for touchdowns to complete a perfect season.  The 10-0 Irish were awarded ND’s first consensus national championship.

Reprinted here with permission is the chapter from author Jim Lefebvre’s first national award-winning book:  Loyal Sons: The Story of The Four Horsemen and Notre Dame Football’s 1924 Champions.

The Crowning Glory



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